Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay before work is complete?

At Mom’s Helper we do not require payment for any labor cost until the project is completed to your satisfaction. Materials needed for the job will require advanced payment.

How long will a project take to complete?

Project completion times vary depending on the type of project. Mom’s Helper will give you the best estimate for how long the project will take. Sometimes unforeseen things happen which may increase completion times. We will work with you the best we can to minimize the inconvenience to you.

Do you take on small projects?

Mom’s Helper has from its beginnings taken on small projects like changing light bulbs, washing windows, fixing toilets and just about anything else you can think of. Our clients require a wide range of services so we are happy to take on any size project you might have.

Do you offer free estimates?

Mom’s Helper has always offered free estimates within 25 miles of Marion. If a greater distance is required to give an estimate on a project, there will be a travel charge at the time the estimate was given. If the client awards the project to Mom’s Helper, the travel charge will be returned to the client.